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Standing for Senior Executive Service, the SES includes the executives and managers that hold the highest positions in the government. Senior executives are chosen for their leadership skills and their commitment to their country rather than for their expertise.

Getting an SES job is not an easy task, especially as SES personnel must be certified by an independent Qualifications Review Board, following guidelines established by the Office of Personnel Management.

Federal SES applications usually require a Federal SES resume as well as ECQ's and MTQ's, which are statements showcasing management and leadership abilities.

To apply to an SES position, you will need an SES resume - any other resume will get rejected.

Because SES positions are so important, they require resumes that are more sophisticated and complex than standard Federal resumes. Not only must they include all the right keywords but they must showcase your leadership excellence and your commitement to the public interest. An SES resume must be result-oriented, shows that your experience fits the SES requirements, make you stand out and, more importantly, convince the Review Board that you are the right candidate for the job.

Getting Free Help to Write Your SES Resume Yourself

There is no such thing as Free SES resume help or critique: Most Federal resume services state they will do a free critique of your resume. Do you really think you will get free help for resumes (and accompanying documents) that sell anywhere from $600 to $2,000. This is of course a trick to get you to call and sell you their service over the phone.

What should you do? If you want to prepare your SES resume yourself, visit official government sites such as http://jobs.bpa.gov/ses/ or any site ending with .gov. You can also find some good books about Federal jobs.

If you're not sure how this whole SES resume work, shall you call a resume service to ask some questions? No, not only they are not affiliated with the government but these are not resume writers who answer the phone - resume writers only work with their current clients. The people answering the phones are salesmen and they will try to sell you their services to cash in a big fat commission. Instead once again contact the government agency having the opening or read closely their website.

Unless you are a great writer and are aware of the government's latest hiring trends, it is recommended to use the services of professional SES resume writers, which is the most common solution used by government SES applicants.

How to select the best SES Resume writers

Selecting great SES Resume writers can be a daunting task but there are a few things that can help you figure out which SES Resume writer is the best for the job.

They must be certified and experts in SES resume writing, ECQ's, MTQ's and Federal applications, which can be verified by checking if they have taken special courses and training in that field.

Their turn around time must be fast enough to make sure you get your SES documents in time, before the vacancy closes.

They should be able to prepare ECQ's, PTQ's and MTQ's with your ses resume so that all your documents complete each other perfectly.

They should be priced fairly, which is even more important in a market where most writers are known for overcharging their clients — to give you an idea, you shouldn't pay more than $700 for just an SES resume.

SES Resume Services recommendations

We've reviewed most SES resume writing services out there and, based on the previous 4 points and customer service excellence, we are recommending to use the services of these professional SES resume writers.

Why? Here are the reasons:

They are certified through either PARW, CPRW or NARW.

They are experts in writing SES resumes and preparing Federal SES applications, including ECQ's, PTQ's and MTQ's.

They have more than 30 years of experience, have helped thousands of job seekers get jobs and have a 93% success rate (check out their success stories).

They work fast: they can prepare your SES resume in 2 to 3 business days, but you can also order a 12 hour rush, if you need it sooner.

Their work is guaranteed: If, for any reason, your resume is not accepted by any area of the Federal Government, based on compliance, they will rewrite your resume entirely for Free.

Their prices are affordable and lower than most of their competitors: they offer an instant $200 rebate and often have limited time offers.

How this SES resume service works

Once you ordered, you will receive a phone call to guide you through the process as well as a confirmation e-mail with your login information and all the details on how to get started. If you need a 12-hour rush or additional documents, you will be able to order these add-ons by contacting customer service as soon as you login.

You will have direct access to your writer who will customize your SES resume to the job announcement -- all you will need to do is provide the announcement # and the key Duties, Responsibilities, and Specialized Experience listed in the vacancy.

Once your resume is ready, your writer will send it to you for approval. You might request additional changes if needed and your writer might also contact you during the writing process if he/she has any question.

Last but not least, make sure to order online to get the cheapest price, all the online bonuses and the fastest service as you won't have to pay a commission for talking to somebody over the phone and won't waste your time.

>> Get Professional SES Resume Writing Help Here <<

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